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Vascular Printing Dopplers with Monitor

Doppler DVM-4500

Bidirectional Doppler Volume DVM-4500 by Hadeco Inc.Clinical applications:Cardiovascular surgery (CABG, AAA, PVB) Neurosurgery (cerebral aneurism, bypassing, carotid endarterectomy, brain tumor oncotomy, pituitary tumor oncotomy, AVM, dAVFs, CCF..


Doppler DVM-Cardio

Bidirectional Doppler Volume DVM-Cardio by Hadeco Inc.Clinical applications: Cardiovascular surgery (CABG, AAA, PVB) Description:light, easy-to-use, digitallowest weight among competitorshigh mobility of the device during surgical intervent..


Smartdop® 30EX

Smartdop® 30EX is a bi-directional doppler (flowmeter) for ABI / TBI studies with a built-in cuff. It is represented by a fully automatic system with a built-in cuff and display of blood pressure data on the display. Angiological screening system wit..



The Smartdop® 45 is a bi-directional backlit LCD doppler with fast printing.• Memory for 30 signals and USB.interface• 2 sensor connectors• Site Navigation Mode and FFT Signal Forms Available When Connected Using Smart-V-Link• 2MHz BEEP mode availabl..


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