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Golnit® Sutures

Golnit® Sutures

Golnit is a high-quality suture material since 1987.

The company produces more than 2 million USP numbers from 11/0 to 7 surgical sutures for all types of surgical applications

We can do for You any combination of type \ size of needle and thread, even if it's only 10 pieces per pack. Since the production is located in Ukraine, Golnit responds very quickly to the wishes of surgeons and can realize your needs.

 Golnit products are analogues of well-known Western manufacturers: Vicryl, Ethicon, Monocryl, Prolene, Polyester, Ethibond Excel, Ti-cron and any other suture materials.

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Polyglycolide (PGA)

POLYGLYCOLID (PHA) - Analogue Vicryl / Vicryl  Other analogues: Polysorb, Dexon-2, PGA-Resorba Safila, Marlin  (synthetic, braided coated, resorption period - medium)Sizes: USP 10 / 0- USP 3Shelf life: 5 years.Color: purple, white.Compositi..



KETGUT CHROMIED Golnit® (Ukraine)(natural monoflamet absorbable surgical material for wound closure) Chrome catgut - country - producer UkraineMaterials are sourced from Japan, Korea, USA, EuropeChrome catgut is a suture material that fully comp..



POLYGLYCOLIDE (TRISORB) RAPID - Analogue of Vikrila Rapid(braided, synthetic, coated, short resorption time)Sizes: USP 6 / 0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Color: purple, white.Composition: polyglycolide, coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate...



NEOSORB - Analogue Vikril Rapida  Other analogues: Vikril, Vikril Rapid, Rapid, Polyglactin 910, Polysorb(surgical suture material, coating, weaving, self-absorbable, medium absorbable period)Размеры : USР 5/0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Colo..



POLYDIOXANONE (PDO) Golnit®Analogs: PDS 2, Polydioxanone, Maxon Monoplus, Monomax, Caprolon(material for surgical suturing, monofilament, synthetics, resorption time - medium)Sizes: USP 7 / 0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Color: blue.Composition: polydio..



MONOFAST - Golnit® Analogs: Monocryl, POLIGLECAPRONE 25, GLYCOLON, CAPROSYN, MONOSYN, CAPROFYLSizes: USP 6 / 0- USP 2/0Shelf life: 5 years.Color: Golden.Composition: a copolymer of glycolide and epsilon-caprolactone.Residual tensile strength aft..



KETGUT Golnit® (Ukraine)(natural monoflamet absorbable surgical suture material) Catgut - country - producer UkraineMaterials are sourced from Japan, Korea, USA, EuropeCatgut is a suture material that fully complies with the requirements of the ..



PTFE Golnit (Ukraine)(analogue of GORE-TEX)PTFE - SOUTER THAN SILK, INERT THAN GOLD! Unique non-absorbable atraumatic suture material POLYTETRAFTORETHYLENE (PTFE) mono (white).Ideal for dentistry and plastic surgery, indispensable in vascular su..



Monofilament NYLON (Ukraine)Analogs: Supramid, Dermalon, Resolon, Daphilon, Ethilon, Mono-Sof Dimensions: USP 10 / 0- USP2Shelf life: 5 years.Color: black, blue, white.Composition: polyamide.It does not absorb, however, tensile strength decrease..



NYLON (weaving) Golnit® (Ukraine)Analogs: Supramid, Surgilon, Nurolon(synthetic woven material coated for surgical sutures, does not absorb over time) Sizes: USP 5 / 0- USP 3/4Shelf life: 5 years.Black color.Composition: wax / silicone coated po..



Wattled SILK Golnit® (Ukraine)Analogs: Perma-Hand, Mersilk, Silk, Sofsilk, Silkam(conditionally non-absorbable woven material with a coating for surgical suturing) Sizes: USP 8 / 0- USP 7Shelf life: 5 years.Color: black, blue, white.Composition:..



POLYPROPYLENE Golnit® (Ukraine)Analogous to: Prolena, Sergi-pro, Premilena, Mopilena(synthetic * monofilament * surgical suture material, does not absorb over time) Sizes: USP 10 / 0- USP 2Expiration date: 5 yearsColor: blueComposition: Polyprop..



PVDF (POLYVINYLIDENFLUORIDE) Hololit® (Ukraine)Analogous to: RESOPREN® (Resoprene)(synthetic sterile material for surgical suturing, monofilament, does not absorb over time) Sizes: USP 10 / 0- USP 2Shelf life: 5 years.Color: black, blue.Composit..



POLYESTER Golnit® (Ukraine)It is an analogue: Etibond Excel, Mersilen, Polyester, Surgilak, T-krona, Premicron, Supolena(suture material coated for surgical sutures, synthetics, weaving, does not resolve over time) Sizes: USP 6 / 0- USP 3Shelf l..



STEEL SURGICAL WIRE(Stainless Surgical Steel)    Structure: monofilament   Color: unpainted   Composition: stainless steel   Coating: uncoated   Dimensions: USP 5; 7   Properties: non-a..


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