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Absorbable suture materials

(absorbable suture + atraumatic needle)

Polyglycolide (PGA)

POLYGLYCOLID (PHA) - Analogue Vicryl / Vicryl  Other analogues: Polysorb, Dexon-2, PGA-Resorba Safila, Marlin  (synthetic, braided coated, resorption period - medium)Sizes: USP 10 / 0- USP 3Shelf life: 5 years.Color: purple, white.Compositi..



KETGUT CHROMIED Golnit® (Ukraine)(natural monoflamet absorbable surgical material for wound closure) Chrome catgut - country - producer UkraineMaterials are sourced from Japan, Korea, USA, EuropeChrome catgut is a suture material that fully comp..



POLYGLYCOLIDE (TRISORB) RAPID - Analogue of Vikrila Rapid(braided, synthetic, coated, short resorption time)Sizes: USP 6 / 0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Color: purple, white.Composition: polyglycolide, coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate...



NEOSORB - Analogue Vikril Rapida  Other analogues: Vikril, Vikril Rapid, Rapid, Polyglactin 910, Polysorb(surgical suture material, coating, weaving, self-absorbable, medium absorbable period)Размеры : USР 5/0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Colo..



POLYDIOXANONE (PDO) Golnit®Analogs: PDS 2, Polydioxanone, Maxon Monoplus, Monomax, Caprolon(material for surgical suturing, monofilament, synthetics, resorption time - medium)Sizes: USP 7 / 0- USP 1Shelf life: 5 years.Color: blue.Composition: polydio..



MONOFAST - Golnit® Analogs: Monocryl, POLIGLECAPRONE 25, GLYCOLON, CAPROSYN, MONOSYN, CAPROFYLSizes: USP 6 / 0- USP 2/0Shelf life: 5 years.Color: Golden.Composition: a copolymer of glycolide and epsilon-caprolactone.Residual tensile strength aft..



KETGUT Golnit® (Ukraine)(natural monoflamet absorbable surgical suture material) Catgut - country - producer UkraineMaterials are sourced from Japan, Korea, USA, EuropeCatgut is a suture material that fully complies with the requirements of the ..


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