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Adams-Yozu MICS System

 Similar operability for conventional  midline incisions can be applicable.  Benefit: Shifting to MICS can be performed easily. Good operative fields and operability are ensured under direct-vision, endoscopic-..



THE MAAZOUZI APS AORTIC PLASTY-SIZER FOR TOTAL AORTIC PLASTY With degeneration problems in bioprosthesis, issues of availability, preservation and cost of homografts the necessary anticoagulation and the problem of throm-boembolism  in ..


bluVedis ventral discectomy set

Complete system for anterior spinal surgerybluVedis at a glance Coordinated instruments Rongeurs and punches with the unique wash around design  Recommended for use in cage implantation and vertebralbody replacement proceduresPrecisel..


Cable Winch Retractor acc. to Ulrich

Infinitely variable retraction with the cable winch retractor. For precise, individual applications in the peritoneal cavity. Unique throughout the world, the cable winch technology used in the system allows surgeons to adjust retraction as..


Epicardial Spring Retractors

Epicardial Spring RetractorDesigned for epicardial tissue and fat retraction during coronary bypass procedures in order to facilitate exposure and suturing of deep lying arteries.A low-profile stainless spring steel retractor with blunt or sh..


Flexible Arm

Flexible Arm- provides maximum surgical exposure in vascular and mitral valve procedures - multiple sizes available- excellent stability - reusable platform, disposable foots optional - multiple foot designs available - e..


Flexible manipulator with universal mount

FlexArm flexible arm with universal mount-  specially designed reusable design - universal type of mount allows you to work with any retractor - titanium compounds that provide maximum wear resistance - maximum versatility with in..


Frame retractor system for anterior and lateral spinal access

bluCLAS – The clever frame retractor system from G BLUE LABELTM for anterior and lateral spinal accessThe particularly simple handling of the uCLAS enables the system to be set up in a very short amount of time by a single person. An economic..


IMAgateTM System Retractor

The IMAgateTM Wire Lift System can universally be combined with other table mounted Systems e.g. MulitraktTM and BauchmeisterTM.A totally modular Cardiac Surgery System specifically designed for MIDCAB, TAVI, MICS CABG and MICS Valve procedures...


Retractor System with extended deep spreading

Caspar-type Micro Discectomy Retractor System with extended deep spreading..



Ultra-lightweight Instruments for extremely delicate surgery. - Totally new look and feel- Lasting stainless steel framework structure- Innovative modular construction- Ergonomic round shell handles with perforations- ultra-lightweight, compara..


ThoraGate Rib Up Retractor for MIDCAB

Minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) with the GEISTER® Thoragate™ system requires a substantially smaller incision than conventional coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). A leftside minithoracotomy is being performed, then the ..


Triangular Vascular Punches

+ Improves flow and compliance+ Prevents kinking+ Supports better patency+ Reusable These unique vascular punches* with their totally new assymetric triangular blade design (patent pending), shaped like a ellipsoidal circular segment, ..


Wash around rongeurs

- Easy to use.- Visible cleanliness.- The wash around rongeurs are distinguished by their extreme safety of cleaning: The open, permeable design allows for effortless and efficient processing – without time-consuming disassembly. - Sim..


Speroni ™ One For All Retractor (Set)

The Geister Speroni retractor consists of a frame, one nozzle for isolating the internal thoracic artery, 2 sternal nozzles and 2 nozzles for lateral thoracotomy (intercostal). Set of nozzlesallows you to highlight the internal thoracic artery, ..


K-Rex™ Rongeur

The absense of a disturbing horn thumb rest allows for a more versatile grip and better control in the palm of the hand as well as a reversed 90В° down cut with the same instrument by just turning it in the hand...


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