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Adams-Yozu MICS System

  • Brand: Geister
  • Product Code: Adams-Yozu MICS System
  • Availability: In Stock

 Similar operability for conventional  midline incisions can be applicable. 

 Benefit: Shifting to MICS can be performed easily.

 Good operative fields and operability are ensured under direct-vision, endoscopic-assisted, or endoscopic surgeries

 Since depressor blades (29-0937.XX) are inserted through the incision, arrangement, positioning and exchanging of blades  can be performed quickly, safely and easily.

 Benefit: Eliminates risks, such as damages to the internal thoracic artery branches which may occur by using the conventional retractors, which are assembled inside the chest after puncturing the chest wall.

The rail is set at an angle, so that the head-side blade moves upward with opening. This allows surgeons to get great view around the aortic root.

This also helps to create wider working space for aortic cross clamping, route cannula insertion, de-airing and hemostasis, etc.