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Doppler DVM-4500

  • Brand: Hadeco
  • Product Code: DVM-4500
  • Availability: In Stock

Bidirectional Doppler Volume DVM-4500 by Hadeco Inc.

Clinical applications:

  • Cardiovascular surgery (CABG, AAA, PVB) 
  • Neurosurgery (cerebral aneurism, bypassing, carotid endarterectomy, brain tumor oncotomy, pituitary tumor oncotomy, AVM, dAVFs, CCF
  • Organ transplantation (wherever important indicators of volumetric blood flow are important)

  • light, easy-to-use, digital
  • lowest weight among competitors
  • high mobility of the device during surgical intervention
  • easy to carry 
  • 10.4 inch TFT Color Touchscreen allows you to control the process without a keyboard and other manipulators
  • probe is ready to work immediately after connection (does not require calibration)
  • big variety of probes 
  • thin and flexible probes provide easy access to the arteries without damaging blood vessels
  • diameter of the vessels is from 0.1 to 20 mm
  • ability of application of one probe on various diameters of vessels
  • saving measurement results in the device memory

Free testing of Hadeco DVM-4500 flowmetry in Ukraine!

We will organize a presentation of the device for you and provide it for free testing (tel: 044-222-62-50)

Vascular flowmeters with a monitor and the ability to print