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  • Brand: Голнит®
  • Product Code: CATGUT CHROME
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KETGUT CHROMIED Golnit® (Ukraine)

(natural monoflamet absorbable surgical material for wound closure)


Chrome catgut - country - producer Ukraine

Materials are sourced from Japan, Korea, USA, Europe

Chrome catgut is a suture material that fully complies with the requirements of the international standard ISO

Features - Chrome catgut is the oldest and most popular suture material. Catgut is sterile and consists entirely of natural, biological components - for its production using purified connective tissue (collagen) of the intestines of cattle. The process of production of catgut includes about 10 different operations, including: raw materials are treated with a special solution, scrapers, divided into tapes, bleached, twisted into threads, immersed in a solution of acetic acid, dried, polished, disassembled by thickness, degreased, sterilized.

Chromium-plated catgut is additionally treated with chromium salts, thus, additional transverse molecular bonds are formed, which increases the resorption time of the material itself after its application to close wounds.

It looks like an elastic thread of green or light green.

Catgut is widely used in operations on the gastrointestinal tract, in urology and gynecology, on the bronchi and lungs, in trauma surgery and in closing wounds.

The resorption period is medium. Catgut loses about 50% of its strength within 18 - 28 days from the date of operation.


The kit may include as soon as individual threads of various lengths without needles, as well as threads with needles. Surgical needles can be spatulas of different circles (3/8, 1/2, 1/4, 5/8); straight (4mm - 75mm); stitching, cutting and combined.  

USP 6/0- USP 3
Expiration date
5 years
cattle intestinal mucosal collagen treated with trivalent chromium salts
Tissue reaction
Sterilization method
sterilized by radiation