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  • Brand: Голнит®
  • Product Code: NYLON MONO
  • Availability: In Stock

Monofilament NYLON (Ukraine)

Analogs: Supramid, Dermalon, Resolon, Daphilon, Ethilon, Mono-Sof


Dimensions: USP 10 / 0- USP2

Shelf life: 5 years.

Color: black, blue, white.

Composition: polyamide.

It does not absorb, however, tensile strength decreases over time due to progressive hydrolysis.

Tissue reaction is minimal.

Woven nylon has high strength and forms very reliable knots.

It is used in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, microsurgery, cardiovascular, general and plastic surgery.

Nylon (mono) is made in Ukraine

Raw materials from - USA, Europe, Japan

Suture material Nylon (mono) complies with ISO standards

Analogs - Ethilon Prospect Ethikon.

Characteristics - nylon "mono" - monofilament sterile suture material not susceptible to resorption in the patient’s tissues. It has a super smooth coating, low friction, so that it simply and smoothly passes through living tissue with little additional damage to them. Nylon is elastic, which allows it to be used when closing wounds in places where rhythmic and / or arrhythmic tissue contractions occur.

Monofilament nylon suture sutures for surgical interventions are implemented in combination with needles minimizing the traumatic effect. At the same time, cutting, stitching, combined, back-cutting needles may be included in the kit; spatula needles (bend 3/8, ¼, ½, 5/8); straight needles 4mm - 75mm long.

USP 10/0- USP 2
Expiration date
5 years
Tissue reaction
Sterilization method
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization