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  • Brand: Голнит®
  • Product Code: WICKER NYLON
  • Availability: In Stock

NYLON (weaving) Golnit® (Ukraine)

Analogs: Supramid, Surgilon, Nurolon

(synthetic woven material coated for surgical sutures, does not absorb over time)


Sizes: USP 5 / 0- USP 3/4

Shelf life: 5 years.

Black color.

Composition: wax / silicone coated polyamide.

It does not absorb, however, tensile strength decreases over time due to progressive hydrolysis.

Woven nylon has high strength and forms very reliable knots.

It is used in neurosurgery, ophthalmology, microsurgery, cardiovascular, general and plastic surgery.

Wicker NYLON is made in Ukraine

Raw materials from - USA, Europe, Japan

Suture material NYLON (braided) - complies with ISO standards

Analogs - Nurolon Prospect Etikon.

Characteristics - woven nylon is a suture material, which after its use does not absorb in the body over time. It is based on synthetic substances, the thread itself is sterile and coated with wax / silicone. Due to this, the passage of the thread through living tissue when closing the wound does not cause them additional mechanical damage, its preservation in the tissues for a long period after the operation is practically not accompanied by traumatic and / or allergenic reactions.

The main advantages - this material is flexible, soft and, as a rule, forms knots when tying, which are distinguished by their smoothness and reliability. In the process of hydrolysis of polyamide over time, a slight decrease in tensile strength occurs, it is normal to consider a decrease in strength within 10% per year.

Application - closure of wounds in soft tissues, - operations on vessels and heart, neurosurgical and ophthalmologic operations. It is also widely used in the closure of skin wounds and in plastic surgery.


Threads of various lengths. Also, atraumatic needles with various characteristics (cutting, stitching, combined, straight (length 4mm - 75mm.); Spatula needles of different circles) can be included in the kit.

USP 10/0- USР 7
Expiration date
5 years
Tissue reaction
Sterilization method
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization