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Wattled SILK Golnit® (Ukraine)

Analogs: Perma-Hand, Mersilk, Silk, Sofsilk, Silkam

(conditionally non-absorbable woven material with a coating for surgical suturing)


Sizes: USP 8 / 0- USP 7

Shelf life: 5 years.

Color: black, blue, white.

Composition: natural protein fibers of raw silk spun by a silkworm with a coating based on wax / silicone.

Almost all tensile strength is lost within 1 year and usually the material cannot be detected in the body after 2 years.

Silk easily passes through the fabric and forms reliable knots.

It is used for approximation of soft tissues and ligation in general surgery. Used in neurosurgery, ophthalmology and cardiovascular surgery.

Silk is made in Ukraine.

Raw materials from - USA, Europe, Japan

Silk Suture - Complies with ISO Standards

Characteristics - silk thread as a material for suturing is considered conditionally non-absorbable suture material. It is based on natural protein fibers - raw silk from the silkworm. During their processing in the production of suture materials, they are sterilized and coated with wax / silicone. Due to this, silk threads smoothly pass through the tissues of a living organism and form strong nodes. Also, they practically do not cause allergenic reactions and cause minimal traumatic effect both during and for a long period after their use.

The silk thread from Golnit is an analogue of Mersilka, Perm-Henda, Etikon Prospect.

Application - cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, dentistry, plastic surgery, etc.


Threads of various lengths. Also, the kit can include atraumatic needles with various characteristics (cutting, stitching, combined, straight (length 4mm - 75mm.); Spatula needles (3/8), (1/2), (1/4) and (5/8 ) circumference).

USP 8/0- USР 7
silk silk fibers spun silk silk fibers spun with a silkworm coated with wax / silicone
Tissue reaction
Sterilization method
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization