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Frame retractor system for anterior and lateral spinal access

  • Brand: Geister
  • Product Code: Frame retractor system for anterior and lateral spinal access
  • Availability: In Stock

bluCLAS – The clever frame retractor system from G BLUE LABELTM for anterior and lateral spinal access

The particularly simple handling of the uCLAS enables the system to be set up in a very short amount of time by a single person. An economical gain for any daily OR routine! The various anatomically shaped blades optimally fit the patient‘s anatomic requirements and allow the surgeon to securely keep access to the spine open, even deep in the surgical site, and avoid damage to blood vessels. The stable, reliable system significantly reduces the amount of staff required and yet ensures smooth OR procedures.

The latching mechanism of the universal clamp and the blades which are interchangeable intraoperatively guarantee rapid and uncomplicated blade changes as needed and thus optimized surgical time.

Even with small skin incisions, tiltable blade holders create enough space for preparation of the spine. 

The round, warp-resistant frame is attached firmly to the OR table and thus guarantees secure access to the site as well as an unimpeded view. Due to the dovetailing of the arm attachment, the connection is perfect for protecting against any kind of movement and contributes to overall stability.


Rapid set-up in less than 3 minutes

No tool needed

Safe access through anatomical shape of blades

Easy change via a 2-click latching mechanism

Tiltable blade holder for small incision

Stable and warp-resistant frame

Dovetailing provides double protection against movement