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Epicardial Spring Retractors

  • Brand: Geister
  • Product Code: Epicardial Spring Retractors
  • Availability: In Stock

Epicardial Spring Retractor

Designed for epicardial tissue and fat retraction during coronary bypass procedures in order to facilitate exposure and suturing of deep lying arteries.

A low-profile stainless spring steel retractor with blunt or sharp prongs in multiple sizes. Gold coated for better identification.

Epicardial Spring Wire Retractor. Ultra low-profile and extra delicate stainless spring steel wire retractor with semi-sharp prongs. Gold coated for better identification.

Nitinol Epicardial Spring Retractor with superelastic memory effectThis unique instrument has been made out of Nitinol, a shape-memory metal. Nitinol has unique qualities under different thermal conditions. The spreader is superelastic in normal operating room conditions. The shape conforms through soft external pressure, yet the spreader regains its regular shape once the pressure is removed. No long-term alteration of its shape is possible.

Finsen Epicardial Spring Retractor

Sturdy and economic stainless steel pattern with stronger pressure.