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Cable Winch Retractor acc. to Ulrich

  • Brand: Geister
  • Product Code: Cable Winch Retractor acc. to Ulrich
  • Availability: In Stock

Infinitely variable retraction with the cable winch retractorFor precise, individual applications in the peritoneal cavity. Unique throughout the world, the cable winch technology used in the system allows surgeons to adjust retraction as desired with no preset positions when working in the peritoneal cavity. Thanks to flexible positioning for the insulated cables on the overhead bar, surgeons using the cable winch retractor can adapt the system to the situation at hand, adjusting the direction of traction and the position of the blades with exceptional precision. The retractor system is easy to mount on the upper section of the operating table, providing an optimum view of the operating site – even in difficult cases – and giving the surgeon the best possible visibility and range of motion.          

Ideal patient care and reduced tissue trauma thanks to a wide selection of blades in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The retractor is easy to set up and position thanks to the scalable support rods and the three mounting positions for the overhead bar – suitable for operating tables of any width.

The system can be processed in a standard sterilization container thanks to the foldable design of the frame

Considerable stability and longevitythanks to carefully selected, high-quality materials

Insulated cables

NEW: Now features an extra-wide overhead bar for extreme lateral cable positioning, as well as larger blades for optimum care of obese patients.

 The cable is now completely coated

 Durable and reduces costs for cable exchange

 Higher tensile load of minimum 70 kg also for obese patients


 The new material of the adjusting knob is PEEK

 Avoids breakage also in case of shock of frequent sterilization


 The hinge at the frame is fixed by a PEEK slider. The pin is omitted.

 No lost pins

 Easy and fast mounting of the frame